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In the full knowledge, trust and integrity, we help business owners have a good understanding of accounting system and business environment and, then, lead their business into success.

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In response to customers’ demand, we obtain a good knowledge of the constantly changing business environment and offer these following services;


Accounting Services

We provide a wide ranges of services to help individuals and business at all levels.


Mortgage brokering

We identify your needs for the mortgage, associated with finance brokers to help landing.


Business Services

We provide these following services to help the growth of small business by taking on your general and special accounting tasks with the in depth knowledge of your industries, which enables you to concentrate on the operation management itself.


Financial Planning & Insurance

We are associated with financial planners and Insurance Brokers that can help chart a course for generating your ongoing financial, wealth and Insurance.

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Are you looking to grow, or even launch, your business?

Our Accountants

Our special accountants

Thomas Kim

Thomas Kim

Public Accountant
Heayoung Choi

Heayoung Choi

Senior Accountant
You-Na Kim

You-Na Kim

Jieun Kim

Jieun Kim


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