Who We Are

About TK Accounting

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the demand for reliable accounting services has dramatically increased. Many Businesses have faced significant difficulties in their business management due to the changes in the law, taxation and accounting system.

In the full knowledge, trust and integrity, we help business owners have a good understanding of accounting system and business environment and, then, lead their business into success.


Our clients expect us to have a full understanding of their industries and provide a high quality of services. As a response to their needs, we offer professional accounting and tax consulting services in a convenient fashion. It is our ultimate aim that we maximize your company’s values by developing business solutions at the macro level as a global organisation.

Trusted us by over 10,000 local businesses

We work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.

Our Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction

We provide the professional accounting services in accordance with maximising our clients’ interests. Furthermore, TK accounting is said to be the firm which pays attention to enhance the clients’ business values and high quality of customer services.

Quality of Services

In order to provide a high quality of services, We have not only public practice certificates & license but have Joined professional indemnity insurance. TK accounting is regarded as the firm seeking for any ways to increase the clients’ wealth. Our services can help monitor your business financially by reporting to you on what is important to help achieve your business goals.

Risk Management

We provide many services to help the individuals and businesses in a timely manner for early actions.